Sunday, January 8, 2012

Now I Know My ABCs!

This picture is of two brothers I had the priviledge of working with at the Arkansas School for the Deaf.  They are also part of a military family which is near and dear to my heart.

My sister, Kathy, and I are both passionate about working with children from birth through high school.  We have both been classroom teachers and homeschooled our own children as well.  There are a lot of ideas we have put together, and I thought I would throw some in every now and then to hopefully help parents and classroom teachers alike.


What Is Missing?

Count To Five Mini Book

Monday, January 2, 2012

Kermit the Frog

About 8 years ago, my elderly grandparents wanted to attend a Benny Hinn conference in Little Rock.  My dad agreed to take them, but because of their age and mobility, I knew he was going to need some extra help.  I was not a Benny Hinn fan, but it’s amazing what you will do for your family.
As we walked into the arena, I was struck by how many people were there.  It was packed!  I immediately felt a strong spiritual presence and I knew that the Lord was in the place.  We settled my grandparents in their seats, and then I stood next to them.  The service started with Praise and Worship, and I still felt an almost tangible presence of the Lord.  When the song “Jesus Breaks Every Fetter” started, I felt no different from the other songs.  Without warning, a super strong Godly presence stood behind me.  I will never doubt it was anything but an angel.  I felt fists rest gently on top of my head, then open.  The sensation of warm oil spilled over my head.  This was special enough, but it gets even more specific.  The oil dripped down my head, and some went into my right ear.
I need to move this story to earlier in the year.  I had a terrible ear infection in my right ear.  This was during a visit with my sister, so I was trying to tough it out and wait until I got home to see my doctor.  Bad idea, because the infection worsened to the point it invaded my blood.  It developed into a dangerous infection and I ended up spending the evening at a hospital in Tennessee.  When we left, the doctors told my sister that I had cancer in the ear and needed to seek medical attention at home.  The ENT told me it was the worst infection he had ever seen and I was having a torturous procedure done to me over and over.  They would put me in what was like a dentist chair and move it back to where I was hanging at an angle upside down.  Then they would scrape out the tissue, put medicine in it and tell me to come back the following week.  The pain was so excruciating I often left with a deep sweat. 
That is why when the oil went into my right ear specifically I knew something very special was taking place.  I had a feeling of fullness in my right ear constantly and could not hear much out of it.  That full sensation left immediately and I could hear clearly for the first time in months!  The next time I was evaluated by my ENT specialist, he noted the ear was completely healed!  I have had no trouble with it since, eight years and counting!
I was thinking about the experience a few weeks later, and it dawned on me that it was the group of people there truly faithful and expecting things from God that allowed my healing to take place.  I thought I had it all figured out, and I told God “It didn’t matter who was on the stage for that healing to take place.  Kermit the Frog could have been on stage and I would have still been healed.”  (Remember, I’m not the biggest Benny Hinn fan.)  I got a quick reply: “That is not true.  I have called many people, but he is one of a few that said “Yes”.”  Gulp.  I learned a very strong lesson that day.
I am currently in a different health struggle (thyroid cancer) that has been tougher to overcome than most people think.  This battle has been ongoing for 4 years.  I am ready to recover fully and live a normal life.  I have drawn a line in the sand and determined that this year will be the one I get stronger and healthier and am able to put this cancer issue to bed once and for all.  I have needed a lot more faith, and I thought I should make public this other dramatic healing to build my faith on.  I hope this also builds your faith as you read it.  It is real.  It is amazing.  It is for everyone who calls on Jesus.