About Me

I am a wife and mother who has a passion for teaching. I have homeschooled my twins and taught children from the ages of birth through college. My goal is to help teachers (both formal and mom teachers) by sharing ideas that will help in the classroom as well as the homefront.

I do have a Teachers Pay Teachers store, but that is not the focus of this blog.  I want to share ideas that I have used successfully in the classroom.  My goal is to be an encouragement to all teachers that work so hard to help kids develop a  lifelong love for learning.  One way I do this is to give Monday Freebies.  Everyone has Friday Freebies, but I feel teachers need a pick me up more desperately on Mondays.  I also have several colleagues from Teachers Pay Teachers that have generously allowed me to use their free products to give as a gift as well.

I am also a guest blogger and on the panel for a fantastic group known as www.pleaseandcarrots.com .  This company has used a lot of research and experts to develop age appropriate toys and activities to go with them.  If you have a young child birth to three in your life, you need to check them out!

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