Sunday, April 26, 2015

Where Has the Time Gone?

Whew!  I blinked, and could not believe how many weeks have passed.  I think life is finally settling for a little while and it is time to pick this blog back up.  We've had serious illnesses in the family, as well as remodeling our house and putting it on the market.  If anyone wants a beautiful place to live in Colorado Springs, let me know.  We are a military family and our next move is to Columbia, South Carolina.  I am excited because we will be much closer to our family and the beach!  As spectacular as Colorado is, I am a water girl at heart.

I'm also hoping to get a classroom in South Carolina, which I hope will help this blog with creative ideas.  Summer is quickly approaching so I thought I would share a freebie that gives parents as well as teachers a helping hand.

The ideas are all fun but there is real learning involved as well.  Research as shown that when students return from summer vacation, they have lost anywhere from one to three months worth of learning (Dr. Harris Cooper, University of Missouri-Columbia).  Let's all do our part to keep the students engaged in learning throughout the summer and ready to move on when the school bell rings again!  There are ideas for every Monday through Friday in a calendar format.  In no way am I expecting you to follow a schedule, it's just a simple way to showcase ideas and help you see how quickly the days are passing.  Just click on the picture above for a free download.  Enjoy!

Now on to sharing another great freebie from a Teachers Pay Teachers seller.  This week we have
Elementary Matters sharing her game Par 3.  Inspired by golf, this math game practices adding three addends. It works like Bingo.  Directions are included, as well as 3 playing boards.  Just click on the picture below to get the free download.


Monday, April 6, 2015

Adding to Anchor Charts...Doubles!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I love that we turn out of our street and face Pike's Peak.  The snow capped mountains are stunning.  We will be leaving them soon and I cannot believe how much I am going to miss them.  I am not going to miss the altitude, however.  I am back on oxygen for now and hate being trapped by a 50 foot cord.  That being said, it does give me some time to work on classroom activities.  I am continuing my Anchor Chart activities with a new pack...

These charts have one doubles addition fact on each page.  Use this as a classroom tool to go along with the free anchor chart you can find here.  Just click on the picture for a free download.

I found a fun activity to go along with this skill at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard.  Check it out for some laughs and extra practice!

Now on to today's Teachers Pay Teachers Freebie.  Joyful Rigor With Ms. Jones has an instructional book to show subtraction with regrouping.  You can click on the picture below to visit her store and get a free download.  Enjoy!