Monday, December 1, 2014

For Your Viewing Pleasure...Missing Number Worksheets!

So I have finished the Math Journals and I began thinking of what to do with those anchor charts.  I have a fantastic Missing Numbers packet in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, so I thought I would add some coordinating worksheets to go with them.  They also work well as stand alone products. 

I made missing numbers from 0 - 120 in sections.  0 - 20 has a butterfly theme, 21 - 40 has a bird, and so on.  My purpose was so they could easily be divided into whatever section of numbers needs more instruction.  This also helps individualize different skills the students may be working on. 

Click on the picture below to download the worksheets.  If you want the Missing Numbers packet, click on the link below to visit my store.  Enjoy!

Need some activities to practice number sense?  Here are a couple of ideas...

  • Hand each student a flashcard number and scramble to put them in the right order. 
  • Mystery Bags:  Have bags with popsicle sticks or other manipulatives anywhere from 0 to 120.  Have students partner up and take a bag, grouping the sticks by tens.  Once one student counts the number, have the partner recount to see if they are correct.  Then check the bottom of the bag where you have put the correct answer!  Once they are finished, switch bags with another team.
  • Estimate:  Every day have a jar with fun items in it anywhere from 0 - 120 (mini marshmallows, large paperclips, erasers, etc.).  Have students estimate how many items are in the jar and put their guess on a post-it note with their name.  At lunch, give students a hint (the answer is greater than 40, the answer is less than 93).  At the end of the day, count as a class by tens and see who has the closest guess!
And click here to check out this Missing Numbers packet from my store.

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