Sunday, March 8, 2015

I Need an Intervention!

Somebody help me.  I just did a Makeover on my Makeover for this blog.  Seriously, last Monday I was so excited about this improvement...

And it was a big improvement.  But I'm like an addict now, so I worked for hours (I'm NOT going to say how many) on my new header.  I. Can't. Stop. But enough of my first world problems.  I am ready to share this Monday's Freebie.  In honor of St. Patrick's Day (Honestly, do you know the history behind it?  It's pretty amazing.), I am saving America's classroom children from the pain and humiliation of pinching.
These "No Pinching" bracelets can simply be taped around the wrists of the students that forgot to wear green.  Now there should be no tears and bruises from that tradition.  You are very welcome.  Simply click on the picture above to get your free download.  There is also a black and white page if you need it, just color it in.
For some of the older students, they may appreciate some funny St. Paddy's Day jokes.  I cannot write or tell a joke to save my life, so these are not from me.  They are from the Happy Home Fairy and she has so many creative Saint Patrick's Day ideas, you need to check out her blog!  For now, enjoy the joke page.
Continuing the Saint Patrick's Day theme, I am also sharing a Freebie from a colleague at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Sandra Naufal  has a cute Saint Patrick's Day card freebie, available in both color and black and white.  Click below for a direct link to this free item!