Monday, May 16, 2016

It's Movie Time! Where's the Popcorn?

This is a fun creative writing activity that my students beg to do again and again. Here’s how it works. Print the character sheets on white paper, and the setting sheets on yellow paper. Cut them out and put them in a popcorn container. (I fill most of the container with crumpled paper before I put the character and setting pieces on top.) Cut the slips of paper out, then crumple them  to form individual pieces of popcorn.

Now comes the fun part. Let the children take turns picking one yellow and one white piece of popcorn. When they open them, they will have a surprise character and setting to write about.
Who wouldn’t love writing about a pirate in a fancy restaurant or a clown fish by the railroad. When you do it again, just reuse the pieces. It is unlikely they will get the same combination again. There are 16 settings and 16 characters. Just click on the picture to get your free download today!

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