Thursday, May 19, 2016

Where Were You Born?

People tell me I have really funny stories. I have decided that if I tell one, I want to blog it so I will remember it and perhaps make a great book for my girls. These will be random but entertaining. Today I told someone the story about trying to get through Customs after a cruise.

This was right before passports became a requirement and you only needed a birth certificate. On the last night one of my twin girls (who were 10 years old at the time) spilled coke on the birth certificates and they became glued together. I mean it was like trying to peel a cheap sticker off of your windshield. Megan's was in plain sight but you could not see any of Katie's. I was a little worried, but thought surely there won't be any problem. They're identical twins after all. Well...

When we arrived at Customs, I plopped down the birth certificates in front of the official and said, "I'm sure this has happened before." I explained the situation with the coke and demonstrated how trying to peel back the paper only made it worse. He was not amused. "No, this has never happened before." (A running theme in my life, you will discover.) He grumpily called an even grumpier man and they separated us. As the grumpier man was questioning me, I could here what was going on in the office where they had placed Katie. I heard the big grumpy officer with a gun almost yell at her "Where were you born?" Then Katie's sweet little high pitch voice said, "I don't know -- in a hospital?" At that time both of the officers laughed and let us through without any more drama. We have cruised a couple of times since then, but I still get nervous about going through customs.

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