Monday, October 13, 2014

Math Journals

It's Monday Freebie Day!  My students used their journals every day and I was amazed at how much it improved their understanding of numbers. They quickly became more independent and would use their journals before coming to me.  Win, win!

So, what goes inside these journals, you might be asking.  In coming weeks you will see number charts, number words, math strategies, visual references, and more.  Today I am sharing the covers for you to download.  There are ones suited for girls, boys, or generic.  My students had three ring binders and we slipped these on the front.  In the coming weeks, I will include what we put inside the journals, and include freebies.  Follow along and in a few weeks you will have a fantastic resource for your math class.  Just click on the picture above to download the pdf of covers.

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