Monday, October 20, 2014

Number Warm Ups!

Welcome to another Monday Freebie!  I think this helps make the week a little brighter, don't you?  If you remember from last week, I am working on a series to help you make a fantastic Math Journal that will help your kiddos get a quick grasp of number sense by having their own resource to refer to throughout the year.  The first quick freebie is obvious...Gotta have a number chart.  Nothing fancy.  I do suggest you put this in a sheet protector sleeve for a couple of reasons.  It will last much longer, but more importantly your students can mark on it with dry erase markers and use it over and over, saving time and paper.  Click on the picture below to get your free chart.
Now for the fun part.  Every day I have a number of the day.  The students take that number and do a variety of skills with it.  They keep a copy of the instructions in a sheet protector inside their Math Journal.  I give them copies of the answer sheets so they can turn it in as an assignment. Here is a sample.

Aaaaand, here is how the students would fill it out.

In the beginning I have the students mark that number on the 120 counting chart by circling it with a dry erase marker.  Then we go through each step together as a class.  By the end of the first week, many of the students are doing this on their own.  By using the counting chart the students are able to see a pattern with the numbers.  The repetition also helps them understand the numbers quickly.  Be on the lookout for next week.  I will be adding a reference for number words as well as even and odd!
Click on the picture below for a free number warm up template, and happy Monday!

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